Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Adventures

So this last week or so has been absoutley insane! Between the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix two Saturdays ago, Great Lakes Medieval Faire this Sunday, watching Captain America twice this week alone, and oh yeah, seeing Josh Groban in concert last night!

These are a few pics from the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. I know, I know a medival faire? And I got dressed up for it? What can I say this is a look into my quirky side. Besides it's a great place to score jewlery (see necklace above).

Here are some less than beautiful phone photos from last night at the Josh Groban concert. I got the tickets as one of my sixteenth birthday presents so after searching for two months all the way back in February I found the perfect tickets, six rows back from the stage on the two edge seats. Then to top it all off one of the times he came off the stage down into the audience I got to touch his hand! Needless to say I have a new celebrity crush! I would highly suggest you go and see him if you get the chance! The show was amazing, and he's such a phenomenal musician! He played piano and drums and of course sung, and the show was highly entertaining he's got a great sense of humor!  Oh yeah almost forgot if you look in the second concert pic and you can the the name Elew on the piano he was Josh's open act and he was the most amazing piano player I've ever seen.

None of the rights to this photo or movie belong to me they are those of Marvel Studios and their associates.

I'm am in love with this movie if you haven't see it I highly recommend it! I've seen it twice, this week, first on Monday with my friends and again to day with the family after spending almost all day on the beach (pure heaven). I will admit that I'm marvel movies obsessed so I might not be the best judge of their movies, but I will say even by my very biased opinion this one was a good one!

Sorry this post was so long and about half of it was an infomercial, but we've been super busy and I wnated to share all of my adventures! I wanted to get back on here with an outfit post too, but this will just have to do for today! And instead you got see a bit of some of my other loves besides clothes!

                             Have a lovely rest of your week! :-)

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