Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Dress ~ Express, Jacket ~ Charlotte Russe, Hat ~ Old one of my dad's, Necklace/Ring ~ Charming Charlie's
Pretty in pink little lacy dress to cheer me up since it's been gross and rainy all day. Of course the morning started out much more interestingly than I would have liked when my cat, Adonis, ecsaped, and  I had to go chase him around in the rain to get him back in the house. Oh well he's back in now and safe so all's well I guess! It's a little bit strange to think that this time last week it was a hundred degrees and now I'm pulling jackets out of my closet, thats northern PA weather for ya! I however would much rather it still be in the 90's-100 range!

                                            Havely a lovely rest of your Thursday!   :-)

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